How Local Governance Oversight Works?

How Local Governance Oversight Works?

Local governance requires council decision making to be data driven. Through community engagement, you can access the published information used and generated in council decision making. Please note that your council may not publish all the information, for good and bad reasons.

Oversight Process Framework

You can play a governance oversight role whenever you have engaged with your council, as you can evaluate the quality of decision information they publicly disclosed, including information stating the number of and reasons for closed meetings.  The following process model summarises how you can exercise governance oversight in each decision episode transacted by your council:

We recommend a local ratepayer group set up the first 3 activities, inviting community participants to respond to the survey, and manage followup to completion of the last activity.

Survey Structure

The structure of the survey is underpinned by 10 key questions, of which several consist of composite questions, collectively focusing on 4 themes (identifying the contexts of a decision episode, community engagement approach and methods; the range of decision information resources made available and overall experience rating of the community engagement):

Click HERE to review the survey. Attached is a pdf copy of the prototype, for easy reference.