Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

RATEPAYERS AUSTRALIA (incorporated A0100027J) is a national peak body and civil society organisation that connects and empowers community advocates in each state and territory to future-proof good governance leadership and functioning in Australian local government sectors.

Mission Statement:

“We connect, collaborate and advocate for future-proofing good governance in Australian local governments.”

Operating as a civil society organisation, Ratepayers Australia connects ratepayers and other communities and facilitates high performing advocacy capacity building in each state and territory.   We connect, educate, skill and empower people to effectively collaborate, to:

  1. Contribute to inclusive and innovative public policies and system reforms within their local government sector
  2. Share knowledge, talents and innovative resources that mobilizes communities to influence and contribute to better governance, service delivery and functioning in municipal councils.
  3. Coordinate  information flows between their local government and community stakeholders
  4. Foster quality community engagement with councils in their decision making.

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