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We are a group of passionate advocates committed to future-proofing good governance leadership and functioning in Australian local governments.

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Annual Report 2017-18

13Oct, 2018

On 6 October 2018, we had our Annual General Meeting. The governance and operating teams' membership remains unchanged. Click here for the Annual Report 2017/18.


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A Local Government Royal Commission Inquiry equivalent is most needed

28Sep, 2018

“Good culture and proper governance cannot be implemented by passing a law. Culture and governance are affected by rules, systems and practices but in the end,  they depend upon people applying the right standards and doing their jobs properly”.       &nbs


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Annual General Meeting 2018 Notice

7Sep, 2018

Public notice that the annual general meeting will be hosted on 6th October 2018. Venue: Level 8, Room 9, 445 Swanston St, Melbourne Time: 10:30 to 11:30 am Agenda Items Meeting Opening Annual Report, including Treasurer's Report Nomination of Governance (Association) Positions: President

China’s Ban on Foreign Rubbish: A lazy way out.

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China’s Ban on Foreign Rubbish: A lazy way out.

21Apr, 2018

In Jan 2018, China made the decision to stop accepting and hence importing scarp metal, plastic, paper and chemical waste from foreign countries. In 2015, China imported over 47 million tons of waste (Radio Free Asia, 2018). In the wake of the ban, most developed nations, including the USA, Britain

About Us

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About Us

23Jul, 2017

Welcome to Ratepayers Australia. Interested in improving good governance functioning and leadership in your council? If yes, this site is for you. We collaborate with: Ratepayers and residents; State and federal agencies who oversee Australian states' and territories' local government po


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Join us to connect with people and organisations of like minds to future-proof good governance in councils.

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Digital Platform Services

We are examining strategic partnerships and block chain developments to build our community service platform. Watch this space develop.

We are building awesome new online services for our platform members. It will take us some time to deliver these services. With these services functioning in earliest 2020, our platform members will be able to collaborate with one another to future-proof good performance leadership and functioning i


Preparing for Citizen AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are already here and ready to be harnessed by citizens to play bigger collaborative roles in councils' oversight. In Accenture Technology Vision 2018, citizens will soon be able to access and use AI to improve good governance in their councils' decision making and check risks exposures. Many states are already building the data analytics foundations (eg Victoria's https://knowyourcouncil.vic.gov.au) for developing such AI capabilities

What We Do

We are a group of passionate citizens committed to future-proof good governance  leadership and functioning in Australian municipal councils. We develop communities of practice among our members, to leverage their expertise and networks, to provide professional research, reform and citizen participation innovations and ratepayer advocacy capacity building.

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Are cash reserves held by Victorian Councils in 2016/17


Queensland's Crime & Corruption Commission made 31 recommendations to clean up local government elections


Allegations in 2015 and 2016 about WA councils relating to misconduct, fraud or corruption


People are employed in local councils in Victoria in 2016/17